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H/Hr Shippers and Friends at The Witching Hour

Where Pumpkin Pie Fans gather to discuss The Witching Hour

Harry/Hermione Shippers & Friends at TWH
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Finally registered for The Witching Hour? Still trying to decide whether you are going? Think you're the only Harry/Hermione shipper attending?

Well think again! This community is set up so as to get to know other Harry/Hermione shippers and friends, who are also attending, pre-conference time - whether you be a Pumpkin Pier, Harmonian, Auror, etc., we all ship Harry/Hermione together (or don't mind having fun and hanging out with Harry/Hermione shippers.)

A Room of Requirement has been arranged for Harry/Hermione Shippers and Friends! A social gathering of attendees who enjoy discussing the dynamics of the relationship between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Ever want to meet your fellow Pumpkin Pie'ers/Harmonians in person? Now's your chance!
Location: Victoria Station
Time: Friday, October 7, 2005 at 9:30pm
Contact: Elia Sheldon (pumpkinpie@witchinghour.org)